sous vide without an appliance

I’ve been yearning to try sous vide cooking for a few years but haven’t liked any of the options. This one ($50 DIY) is perfect–low cost of entry, uses a stock pot so doesn’t add yet another appliance to cramp the kitchen, minimum part count.

I spent a little more and got a waterproof PT-100 type thermocouple with the added advantage of higher temperature reading resolution. I also used the auto-tune to setup the PID controller. The manual wasn’t very clear on how the auto-tune works, but a forum thread
cleared up how it works.

After a lot of debate I decided not to get a vacuum sealer. For now i’m using ziploc freezer/microwavable bags. By submerging them into the water just below the top i can get out enough air to allow good thermal transfer.

I used a rib eye for the maiden run with promising results. The texture was excellent but i’d been too conservative with the spices, having read that being locked in a bag the flavors are more intense. I also missed the nice smokey flavor from the grill–next time i’m using it to sear rather than a pan.

If i can get use to my kitchen sounding like a turn signal at an aquarium i think i’ll be getting a lot of use out of this. No sooner had the steak been scarfed, spare ribs were in for a 24 hour slow cook.


~ by pulotka on 2011/12/04.

One Response to “sous vide without an appliance”

  1. nice! i definitely need to give this a whirl. have been putting it off far too long.

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